Utroit & K.O.S - Cloria Reinvention (MTB001)

"Solid grooving techno rooted in the best traditions. Recommended!!"

Utroit & K.O.S - All Claps are Beautiful (MTB002)

"Love the rawness on these!”


Gerald VDH - Best Intentions (MTB002)

“So much fire on this release! Love all the tracks! Thanks for the music! Reviewed live on”

Kyle Geiger

Utroit & K.O.S - Konichiwa / Mofo (MTB003)


Love both tracks”

Laurent Garnier

KE:NT - 2021 (MTB002)

"KE:NT + Utroit & K.O.S are spot on!”

Marco Bailey

Gerlad VDH -Best Intentions (MTB002)

“Super solid compilation, all tracks are keepers!"


Gerald VDH - Best Intentions (MTB002)

“Gerald VDH xx”

Dax J

Mitsubasa MTB002

“Yet another groove bomb by Mitsubasa - thanks!! <3”

Christian Smith

Utroit & K.O.S - Mofo (MTB003)

“really liking mofo!!!! will play and


Christian Smith